CONFEDERATE WOMEN OF ARKANSAS IN THE CIVIL WAR 1861 - '65 MEMORIAL REMINISCENCES - Published by The United Confederate Veterans of Arkansas November 1907 Copyright 1907 by J. Kellogg, Secretary Memorial Committee, U.C.V. This book is 221 pages and contains at least 55 personal remembrances of Arkansas Women who lived through the Civil War. I found this book in the personal effects of my grandmother. One entry was written by her brother in law's grandmother.

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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Son of Mrs. Anna Mitchell

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Blogger 21Charlie said...

I am the great great grandson (maternal) of Lt RD and Anna Mitchell. He died at Shiloh in Breckenridge's Reserve Corp assault on the peach orchard. He was in the 10th Ark Regiment that was well decimated that Sunday in April. There is very little documentation on the regiment until later when it was refitted as a cavalry unit. At Shiloh National Battlefield the listings include the 10th but not A Co, The Quitman Rifles. A Co is documented in Wiley Swords book Bloody April.

My aunt Anna has three of RDs letters to Anna his wife. My mother Mary has the same book that you quoted. She also has a photo, emulsion on glass, of him in his uniform probably take at Courtland, Al. He was elected 3rd lieutenant brevet (I had never heard of that rank untill reading his record).
I do not know where RD's mother and father are from. Except that he was born in Huntsville, Al and then moved to Arkansas. I remember my grandmother Eunice, a Harky, talking about old day and going to Havana when I was a kid. I thought that she and my mother had been to Cuba until I found out she meant the town in Arkansas.

Jim, his given name was not James, is my grandfather is the son of the youngest son that RD never saw. Jim's daughters are Anna and my mother Mary are living in Georgia and Texas respectly. I am in another city in Georgia and my brother is in another city in Georgia. We have a younger sister who has passed on. RDs son, RD 2 is apparently the son that became a merchant. My grandfather bears resemblance but was not so thin. RD 2 may be the father of Don, short for Donnell. I remember him and also the photo of him in his dress uniform, I think an officers.

Thanks for the photo of Anna's grave, I have never seen it to remember. However, I have laid a blooming dogwood branch on the trench grave where RD is at rest with more than 500 others.
Today Robert Donnell Mitchell would be suprised to learn that he now has Chinese, Austrailians, and Mexicans in in his family.

a cousin

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